Crustacean Beverly Hills Lunch Preview Event

On May 3rd 2018, Bloggers Who Brunch hosted an exclusive lunch preview event at the iconic Crustacean Beverly Hills. Celebrating 20 years in Beverly Hills, Crustacean reopened its doors in March after an eight month, ten million dollar renovation. 


The newly renovated restaurant is absolutely STUNNING with its elegant dining room decor, posh table settings, world-class bar, and signature "walk on water" aesthetic. The attention to detail is unparalleled and sets the perfect tone for an unforgettable dining experience.


Upon arriving at the restaurant, our wonderful guests were welcomed by champagne and enjoyed photo moments in front of the beautiful floral wall. After a glass (or two) of rosé, it was time for the Main Event...THE FOOD! Along with an upgraded interior, Crustacean has also revamped their food/drink menu and taken the dining experience to even greater heights. 


The food and drinks at Crustacean are not only BEYOND delicious, but the presentation at the table takes everything to the next level. Ahi tuna cigars topped with caviar presented in a Cuban cigar box that billows smoke after opening it?!? Hand-crafted specialty drinks like the High Tea Penicillin finished with liquid nitrogen to produce lavender clouds.


How about the ice cream that is prepared table side and served on a warm chocolate cake? And of course, we could never forget Crustacean's signature dish, An's Famous Garlic Crab and Noodles prepared in the restaurant's secret kitchen.

Did we mention it comes with custom bibs reading "Mama Made Me Dinner" - an ode to Crustacean's head chef and matriarch of the family, Helene An. Overall, A+++ taste and presentation that can't be beat!


Thank you to Crustacean for the incredible preview of the all-new lunch/drink menu and to all of the amazing girls who came out to enjoy the delicious meal!

Influencer Attendees: Andreea Cristina // Ashley Sky // Jenah Yamamoto // 

Hailee Lautenbach


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